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Apr 12, 2019

The Website


We are constantly updating to keep it running smoothly and to add more content. This month we have changed to a new format, with a little fancier design, and more features. Ads support this website - without them there is no website - but some visitors just don't want the ads. So how do we pay the bills? By offering premium memberships. For $2.00 per month you can view all of the content with no ads. After signing up, the site will be available with no ads anywhere, as long as you are logged in. In addition, new content will be introduced to the premium site first, and then move to the free site. The monthly fee is just that - one month. It doesn't automatically renew. At any time you can extend your subscription by adding another month to the end. When your subscription runs out your email address will be deleted and it will be as if you were never here.

There are Amazon Affiliate links in places where they make sense, like where a specific module is called out. The link earns us a percentage of any purchases and helps fund the parts needed for more tutorials. They look like:


If you click on the blue link under the text, you will be taken to the Amazon product page for that item. If you buy it, we get a percentage.


We are in the process of adding new tutorial sections on microcontrollers and electronics. The main limitation of the Arduino tutorials has been the fact that they can't really require any significant electronics or programming knowledge. The addition of these two sections will help improve the skills of the beginner and allow us to make the Arduino tutorials appropriate for more skilled visitors.


There is now a monthly newsletter to which you can subscribe. The email for that is stored in a different place, and you will never receive anything but the monthly newsletter for that copy of the email address. Every email sent has an unsubscribe link at the bottom.


If you are reading this on the blog, then you already know there is one. If you are reading this in the newsletter, well, there is a blog. It is linked to at the bottom of every page.



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