Deek-Robot Pro Mini

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Deek-Robot Pro Mini

The Deek-Robot Pro Mini is nearly identical to the Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini. It has all of the I/O of the Arduino Uno, plus two more analog inputs. There is only a 5V version of the board. The "extra" I/O is at the end opposite the programming connector. This is slightly different than the Sparkfun Arduino Pro Mini boards, which have the analog pins in an unhandy position in the interior of the board. Either way, you can't put pins in them and use them on a breadboard (the pins would need to point up). With the Deek-Robot Pro Mini, the extra pins at the end are at least on the same 0.1" centers as the rest of the connectors, even though A4 and A5 are off by 0.05".

The Deek-Robot Arduino Pro Mini is probably the most ripped off board there is. Everyone is counterfeiting the board, or at least stealing the name. That is likely because it is the most popular of the small form factor boards by far.

Deek-Robot Pro Mini with Arduino Pro Mini.
Figure 2.
The Deek-Robot Pro Mini with an Arduino Pro Mini

This is one that came direct from the source at Deek-Robot.

Why even buy something like this? Isn't it just an ATmega328 with some supporting circuitry? Yes, it is, and it is often less expensive than the ATmega328, if you can wait for the 2-3 week delivery time. If you do a lot of things with Arduino's you can buy these things by the tens for $3.50 each, including shipping. The amount of time it saves to use one of these, rather than breadboard some parts, more than pays for the board not once, but each time we have to do it. We get them direct from Deek-Robot via their AliExpress web store. Getting them anywhere else is an iffy thing. Almost every one we've seen is a knockoff, or someone just trying to cash in on the Deek-Robot name. The store is gone now (2017) and is an empty site. You can still get Deek-Robot products, but they don't seem to have the Arduino Pro Mini and Micro boards anywhere, at least not that I can find.

A size comparison of the four small form factor Arduino boards is helpful to see where the Deek Robot Pro Mini fits in the tiny Arduino board lineup.

A note about Deek-Robot

Their webpage comes and goes, but their products may be found on AliExpress and ebay at times. Be careful, though. They are bootlegged more than about any other manufacturer. You will find boards that say "Deek", or "Deek_robot", or "Deek Robot". They are fakes. "Deek-Robot" is the logo on the boards.

Deek-Robot Pro Mini
MCU ATmega328
DigitalPins 14
Analog Inputs 8
Analog Outputs 0
Operating Voltage 5
Operating Frequency 16MHz
3.3V Output None
Test Current Draw18mA
Web Site Deek-Robot
  1. Information from manufacturers and other sources.
  2. Test current from sketch that exercises I2C, SPI, and analog pins.
Deek-Robot Pro Mini pinout.
Figure 3.
Deek-Robot Pro Mini Pinout

The pinout of the Arduino Mini is generally shown with A4 through A7 on the analog side, but the Deek-Robot Pro Mini has only A4 and A5 located there, while A6 and A7 are on the end of the board, with an extra ground.

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