Freaduino Uno

Freaduino Uno

The Freaduino Uno is designed for ease of use with sensors, having sensor-style 3-pin male headers for every I/O pin. The headers are color coded, making it easy to get the cables plugged in correctly. There are also additional pins for the USART and I2C. The power supply voltage is selectable at 5V or 3.3V. Now for the reality. We should start with a statement in defense of this product - it does work, in both 5V and 3.3V modes.

Freaduino Uno.
Figure 1. Freaduino Uno.

The smallest parts seem to be mostly placed correctly, but the larger parts all seem to be incorrectly placed. The USB connector was crooked enough that we weren't sure it would work. The voltage regulator is misaligned. The reset switch, power connector, and voltage selector switch are crooked. There is no header in the USB ICSP spot, although it is shown on the website. The extra USART and I2C pads are filled with solder. But it gets worse.

Freaduino Uno end view.
Figure 2. Freaduino Uno end view showing connector misalignment.

The analog sensor connectors are floating up off of the board! There are some serious quality control issues with this board, and at $31.00 delivered to the USA, and 31 days delivery time, one has to give some serious thought to whether this board is a wise purchase. We will still use this board, because the design is great, but it is a shame the QC couldn't be better.

Freaduino Uno
MCU ATmega328
DigitalPins 14
Analog Inputs 6
Analog Outputs 0
Operating Voltage 5 / 3.3
Operating Frequency 16MHz
3.3V Output 800mA
Test Current Draw46mA
Web Site ElecFreaks
  1. Information from manufacturers and other sources.
  2. Test current from sketch that exercises I2C, SPI, and analog pins.
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