Makeblock Me Orion

Makeblock Me Orion

The Makeblock Me Orion is the merging of a Meduino Uno with the Me Base shield. It actually is quite a bit less expensive than the Meduino Uno and the Me Base together. The benefit is the size reduction. The downside is the lack of Arduino hardware compatibility, if can be considered a downside in the robotics application. The Me Orion can be programmed in the Arduino environment, but Makeblock also offers a custom environment, Scratch for Robot.

The Makeblock Me Orion is the brains behind Makeblock's X-Y plotter, Starter Robot Kit, and the Ultimate Robot Kit.

Makeblock Me Orion
MCU ATmega328
DigitalPins 0
Analog Inputs 0
Analog Outputs 0
Operating Voltage 5
Operating Frequency 16MHz
3.3V Output None
Test Current Draw
Web Site Makeblock
  1. Information from manufacturers and other sources.
  2. Test current from sketch that exercises I2C, SPI, and analog pins.
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