Meduino Nano V3

Meduino Nano V3

The Meduino Nano was recommended by a reader who has had good experiences in the past. He sent two references:

The Meduino Nano schematic

A really thorough article

It looks like a high quality board, based on the pictures. The only problems I have with this Nano clone are:

Makeblock doesn't sell one in their store. Their website lists the Uno only, and like all the other Makeblock boards, the Uno is black, whereas the Nano is blue. Their Wiki page does not reference a Nano (or a Pro Micro, which is also available).

There are at least three unique "Meduino Nano" boards available, and all are direct from ShenZhen and HK retailers. Two that I found have switchable voltage, one does not.

That said, there is nothing wrong with many of the knockoff boards. We often use them and save the Arduinos for the finished product. It is pretty hard to mess up an Arduino clone.

Meduino Nano V3
MCU ATmega328
DigitalPins 14
Analog Inputs 6
Analog Outputs 0
Operating Voltage 3.3 / 5
Operating Frequency 16MHz
3.3V Output None
Test Current Draw
Web Site Various
  1. Information from manufacturers and other sources.
  2. Test current from sketch that exercises I2C, SPI, and analog pins.
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