This site started as an obsessive curiosity about Arduino and it's seemingly endless clones. To date, 82 boards have been reviewed, many here in my office, some to their demise. I've learned many things about them. For instance, the reliability of the genuine article is often superior to that of the direct clones, whose only advantage can be price. In other cases, generally those with added functionality, the reliability can be as good as or better than the real thing.

Many reviews here are hands-on, but some just aren't worth the effort. How many exact replicas does one need to look at before figuring out that there is no difference between any of them? If you come across a board that has not been reviewed here, I wish you would use the contact form to let me know, so that I can review it. I'm apparently still obsessed.

Tutorials and projects have been building up as well. All tutorials and projects are built and tested during the process of writing the articles. I'm adding a new tutorial or project every week or so now. All of the little modules I can find are used in writing tutorials so you can see exactly how to use the module in a real world project. Projects are more results oriented. You should have something you can use when you are done with a project.

As with the reviews, please let me know if there is something you would like to see here and I'll try my best to get it on the site.



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